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    SURELEVEL Floor Leveling
    Non shrink & non cracking
    High compressive & flexural strengths
    Good flow properties and quick to harden
    Ready to use (just add water)
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    SUREFLEX Tiles Adhesives
    Low shrink/Non-slip
    Bond a range of tiles to substrates
    Easily workable
    Ceramic wall & floor tiles
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    SURESET Concrete Repair
    Fine Fairing Mortars and Non Shrink Grouts
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    SURECOAT Surface Render
    Vertical, horizontal or overhead application
    Tilt Slab applications
    Application of render over brickwork
    Rendering over porous

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Surelevel Saudia is manufacturing and marketing of finishing building products, The industry contacts and relationships established by SURELEVELSAUDIA are paramount in providing the Growth for many customized products offered in Gulf Region.

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Our manufacturing capability enables us to customize formulation for the various complexities that the building trade deals with. Our Products are used in many major projects around the world, and are continually sought after for their excellence in meeting individual job requirements.

Surface Renders

  • Dash Coat
  • Decorative Render
  • Sure GP Render
  • Sure GP Putty
  • Sure Poly Putty
  • Sure Crack Filler
  • Sure Insulation Plaster
  • Sure Mar Fix
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Tile Adhesive

  • Sure Flex 1004
  • Sure blo ck ad hesive
  • Sure flex 2004
  • Sure Flex 3004
  • GRC
  • Sure Tile Grout
  • Sure Flag Flex
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Concrete Repair

  • GP Grout
  • HES Grout
  • HS Grout
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Floor Leveling

  • Sure Floor Screed
  • Sure NS 30
  • Sure NS 40
  • Sure NSC 05
  • Sure Seal 100
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Our aim is to foster the professional development and welfare of our staff in an economically viable organization, and to continue to create and expand our products to suit the demands and requirements of our clients.


    Our business has grown considerably since it’s incorporation in 1995.


    - Innovative. \ - Customer focused.
    - Integrity. \ - Open communication.
    - Receptive to change & develop.
    - Quality services.


    Leadership and excellence in building finishing materials sector.


    To be the best in providing innovative products and services of high quality for the development of the construction market on GCC.

  • Sustainable quality.
  • environmental friendly.
  • 100% Saudi malefactor.
  • Fully integrated materials.
  • Easy to use.


SURELEVELSAUDIA is manufacturer of tile adhesives, concrete repairs, surface renders and floor leveling products.
Surelevelsaudia is owned by Al jaber holding company given the franshise by suerlevel.
Al Jabr Holding Company is one of the most successful business houses of Saudi Arabia. The history of Al Jabr Group dates back to 1952 when the sons of Sheikh Hamad Mohammed Al Jabr began their journey into the world of commerce with the establishment of a small company Holding in foodstuffs. In 1956, a branch was opened in Al-Khobar, which was their first national activity. The Group currently has the following business activities: Al Jabr KIA Automobiles Sales and Services; Al Jabr Laundry and Dry Cleaning; Al Jabr Beverages; Al Jabr Electronics; Gulf Carton Manufacturing; and the SURELEVELSAUDIA.
With more than 3000 employees Al Jabr's reputation in Saudi Arabia continues to develop and grow. The Holding group is an active practitioner of Corporate Social Responsibility and has committed millions of Saudi riyals to supporting various charity projects that benefit local society.

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